Fishing in Public Waters

Dap Naude Dam – This dam is set in the beautiful and tranquil surroundings of the Woodbush Forest Reserve.  Phone – 015 276 4905.

Stanford Lake – Access to these waters is at Stanford Lake College on the R71.  Phone – 012-276 4905.

Ebenezer Dam – Try your luck for trout as well as Bass and Kurper – access to the water and picnic spots is at “Old Smokey“.  Phone – 015 276 5047.

Tzaneen Dam – For the best bass fishing, travel five kilometres to Hans Merensky Nature Reserve or drive down to the town of Tzaneen and turn right into Aqua Park. Drive down Aqua Avenue until you find the entrance to Jetty 3 of the Tzaneen Boat Club. A small entrance fee will be charged.

Trout fishing in private waters can be arranged by appointment.  Contact the Magoebaskloof Tourism Association for information – Phone – 015 276 4972.

Fairview Hotel – Large scale Yellowish – Fly fishing by appointment only – 0829005166

Personal advice from an expert

One of my favourite venues, there is lots to know about Tzaneen. One basic thing you must remember is that Tzaneen is a points dam. What do I mean by that, the article on river channels is mostly based on information gathered on Tzaneen dam!

Firstly your morning fishing is usually good using top waters and spinner baits in the shallows. Also you should find the fish on either the points or in the back of the bays. Also keep a Super Fluke handy if you miss the strike on the top water. Keep an eye out for bait fish you normally see them scatter in the morning when the bass is feeding. Also throw top water when there is cloud cover.

When the sun is up the fish move a bit deeper, depending on weather conditions this might vary from 6ft to 25ft. This is where the channels become important, most of the channels running into the main river channel have structure on them, and this is stump fields, brush piles and trees. Here you can fish plastics, flukes, lizards, brushhog and jigs.

Flukes – Watermelon & watermelon candy slightly spiked tail

Spinner bait – Plain White or White & Chartreuse

Brushog/Lizards – watermelon candy & green pumpkin spiked tail

Jig – black and blue

Trick worm – junebug, green pumpkin or pink

Unfortunately do not have any maps with me but will try and explain areas I would consider. At the launch if you go right towards the dam wall the dam makes a turn to the left, as you come around the corner you will see brushes running far into the water, if you stop here you will also see a little island to your right. These brushes is on a drop off in the water. If you start fishing the brushes from the point right to the back you must find fish you will notice that the one side is much deeper than the other side fish the deeper side of the brushes, I usually throw a fluke on a number 0 mojo weight or spinner bait here. This is a migration point and these bushes keeps on re-loading. Also very good morning spot.

From here you will notice three legs splitting out of the main dam, you can try any three of these legs and look for secondary points and channels I believe most hold fish.

If you go to the left at the launch, the bau just before the bridge and the bay just after the bridge on the left bank usually hold fish. There is a lot of trees in the water here, in the morning I will cast as shallow as I can and work lure towards boat. In the afternoon will fish the channel in about 10 – 15ft of water. Like to use the gp lizard here on a texas weight and be sure to stay in contact with the structure. In the morning also throw top water in the back of the bay. Go check out the back of this bay you will find it interesting.

The bay right across from the launch, the point on the left is also usually good. There is a stump field here and I like to either throw a Carolina 1/4 ounce or a mojo here with a trick worm. If the fishing is very slow I like to throw a pink trick worm in deeper water as this attracts a reaction strike.

Hope this helps!

Let me know.