Culture and Arts Ruotes

Culture, arts and crafts routes in South Africa help you get to know the country and its people. When you peel back the layers of its history, you find perspective in its culture. And what better way to discover this than journeying along a craft route?

Whether it’s a special initiation dance in the dusty Richtersveld, a church ceremony in a fisherman’s village along the Southern Cape coast, a San cave painting up in the Drakensberg or a jazz party in Soweto, the culture, arts and craft routes of South Africa will take your breath away.

Some of the world’s most celebrated potters and carvers are to be found on the backroads of the Limpopo province, while top-class thatchers live in a mission village on the Agulhas Plain and often fly overseas on special building assignments.

Our musicians now perform at concert halls across the globe while our writers feature at all the important literary festivals. Our film actors and directors are now familiar faces every year on Oscar night in Hollywood, USA.

Handmade Drum

The creative light never goes out on culture routes of South Africa. You hear it when voices come together in harmony at night in a township shebeen, you see it as young children perform dance patterns on a beach, you feel it as you walk through a photographic gallery and see modern history fearlessly recorded for posterity.

When you embark on culture, arts and craft routes in South Africa, you peel back the layers of its conflicts, triumphs and social changes, you find perspective in its culture. And what better way to discover this than to embark on a journey along a certain craft or artist’s route?

Clay Pottery

Kaross Wooden Crafts







The characters that inform the South African cultural landscape are some of the most interesting to have walked on African soil. The routes that celebrate their art are carefully researched, made even more interesting by well-trained guides and terrific hospitality along the way.

And once you’re home and you’ve unpacked that little carving you bought on an arts and craft route of South Africa, the magic comes flooding right back.